Model Layout of the Village of Grass Lake

As museums continue to grow it is becoming reasonable that they all undertake a number of interactive exhibits which will catpture the attention of youngsters and kids of all ages. Indeed, the model layout of the Village of Grass Lake was one of the first interactive displays that caught the eye of kids of all ages when the Lost Railway Museum first opened in 2017. It actually captured the downtown appearance of the Village from 1901 to 1910 and continues to be almost a distraction for some of the youngest visitors.In the process, it led us to believe that stagnant non-rotation displays was never going to bring previous visitors back for another visit.

Velocipede Riderjpg

The Velocipede Exhibit

Thus, the inception of the Audio Tour, opening the Velocipede exhibit for all to try, the "Boland Express Experience" (Featured Below) for all to take a ride into 1901, and placement of the 5,000 volt motor, loaned to the Lost Railway, from the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn. Many visitors simply expanded their visits and raved about the interactivities in the Museum. With the final installation of a Library (Featured Below), a place where visitors could sit down to leaf through a number of books highlighting the multiple numbers of trolley and interurban systems from around the country. Some of those lines were lost to the automobile industry, while some are still running in Texas, Iowa, Louisiana, California, Canada and in other areas around the world. Therefore, the continued eye towards interactivity will continue to explore a number of outlets where such active displays will have all of us pushing buttons, trying some exercise and taking a ride on the "Boland Express" to get a sense of our "Back to the Future" production. We are convinced that Museums will need to move more into interactivity in the future. Keep an eye out as we insert additional items of interactivy as the Museum expands through the coming years. Indeed, we drop something new just about every 6 months.

The Westinghouse Motor

The Library